Housekeeping Services

Airport Cleaning

The services we provide are based on mutual understanding of the client’s specific requirements. One example is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Project, a high profile national landmark, with stringent and demanding quality standards where we have been able to achieve international recognition in airport cleanliness. Through our efforts, KLIA achieved various outstanding awards globally.

Area of Responsibility:

  • Main Terminal Building,
  • Satellite Building,
  • Carpark Building,
  • Contact Pier Building,
  • Airport Management Centre Building,
  • Airside,
  • Control Post,
  • Bus Station,
  • Taxi Parking,
  • Engineering Complex,
  • Mosque,
  • VVIP Complex,
  • VVIP Lounge,
  • Trolley Management. etc.

Hospital Cleaning Services
(Government & Private Medical Institution)

The most stringent standards of cleanliness are observed to ensure a healthy, safe environment and to prevent the spread of infection within the hospitals. With hospitals that are diversed in disciplines and designs, our services are customized to meet the various conditions and needs, with the aim of producing a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment that will contribute to the well-being and comfort of patients, staff and visitors.

Area of Responsibility:

  • Specialised Area (High Risk) - Operation Theatre Room, laboratories, pharmacy, Sterile Service Unit, Blood Bank, Labour Room, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Accident & Emergency Unit, X-ray, radiology, radiotherapy, Drug Store, clinical waste bin, bed bin, sink.
  • Medical Area (Medium Risk) - Examination Room, treatment room, waiting room, lounge, patient locker, counter, ward, nursing counter, pantry, other room within the ward environment.
  • General Area (Low Risk) - canteen, parking, public toilet, patient's toilet, corridor, lobby, staircases, lift, lift lobby, store, dining, refuse chamber, railing wall, bed, surau, perimeter drain, M&E room, etc.
  • Others - doctor lounge, laundries, meeting room, mortuary.

Transportation Related Cleaning

Area of Responsibility:

  • Aircraft Interior Cabin
  • Train and Coaches (Interior & Exterior)
  • Train Station & Depot (Including Office & Other Facilities)

Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Area of Responsibility:

  • Toilet/ Public toilet,
  • Signages / directory board,
  • Kitchen / warewash / canteen,
  • Office,
  • Meeting Room,
  • Variable type of floors,
  • Air cond ventilation ,
  • Ceiling,
  • Corridor/ lobby/ reception/ public seating/ balconies,
  • Lift and lift lobby,
  • Recreation room, computer room, PA room, security room,
  • Staircase (inside & outside building),
  • Wall (painted surface/ glass),
  • Signage/ directory board, etc.

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